Tuesday, October 9, 2007

how to get noticed by the new boss

It started out as a nice gesture. A 31-year-old Japanese man gave a gift to his new employer to show his appreciation for landing a job.

He was glad for his new job at an online clothing seller. To express his gratitude, he gave his boss an assortment of jelly deserts.

Unfortunately, the boss was just too busy to open the gift and kept it stored under his desk, unopened.

Since the man apparently didn't attract the notice of his boss with the gift, he decided to take a sure-fire approach: he took a club and smashed 22 computers in his office.

In explanation of his actions, the man said simply, "I wish the company president had cared a little more."

No one was injured. The man pleaded guilty to obstructing business with force.

I wonder if he can get the jellies back.

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