Thursday, October 4, 2007

the $80K exterminator

What is worse than wasps infesting your home?

Not much. Wasps can make life in your home quite uncomfortable and painful. That is why Hugh Williams of Triad, North Carolina took action.

Mr. Williams' home had an infestation of yellow jackets. To take care of the problem, he purchased a can of insecticide and sprayed it into the insect's hole on the side of the house.

It didn't work.

So, Mr. Williams rolled up a piece of paper and stuck it in the hole. Then, he lit the paper, hoping to kill the buggers with smoke.

He succeeded. He burned them out. Unfortunately, the combination of paper and chemical created a fire that spread through the attic and into the house.

The yellow jackets no longer live in the attic because it doesn't exist. Neither does most of the house.... And Mr. Williams is trying to figure out how he will come up with $80,000 to cover the damage he inflicted on his home.

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