Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the 7 Random Things meme

I have been "tagged" by Amy with the 7 Random Things meme. Being new to this blog community thing, I had to investigate what that means... and what a meme is.

I learned that it means that I am supposed to post seven things about myself that are unknown by my readers. Then, I am to tag three others.

Well, heck. This oughta be easy since most of the people who read this blog probably don't even know my last name. (I could also post just a bunch of fiction (aka lies) an no one would ever be the wiser.)

But in the spirit of this thing, I will post 7 things that are actually true of me and maybe worth reading:

7. My old cat's name: Fido. Well, that isn't true. We decided to make it more cultured so we spelled it Phydeaux.

6. When I was 4 years old, I got glasses. At the time, my optometrist told my mother that I would outgrow them by the time I was a teenager. I am now a man in my fifties waiting for puberty.

5. I have a tattoo. Yes, that is right. It is a tiny dot on my right hand from where I was stabbed by a very sharp pencil that stuck in deep. The tattoo has been there now for more than 30 years and I cherish it.

4. People tell me I have a sarcastic sense of humor. Yeah, right. Jerks. ;)

3. I was once at a concert. When the performers on stage came to a rest in the music, the entire audience was quiet. Well, except for the gas that I passed at that moment. It was quite loud. At least it didn't smell like brocolli.

2. I learned an important lesson while riding my bicycle on a very cold day. That is, lips will adhere to handlebars quite securely if you kiss your bike in freezing weather. I am glad lips grow back.

1. I have learned that it is important to zip my fly if I am going to be speaking in public wearing a black suit... especially if I am wearing a white shirt and/or white underwear.

And now, I am supposed to tag three others and bequeath to them this same task. I really would love to tag Amy back. But instead, I choose to tag Kjaere of Licence2Rant, Robert at MulledVine, and Michelle at Online Shopping Bargains. That, my friends, is what you get for writing to me. :)


Kjaere said...

I accept, but with a slight alteration... I will be posting my response on my personal blog and not on the License 2 Rant blog... so if you're interested in my response, go to

.... now off to some random thinking I go.

Gerry Hatrić said...

Gee thanks. ;-)

josey said...

LOLOL...okay, so, you're a sarcastic, "immature," sloppy-dressing half-century-old guy with a cheap tattoo and uncontrollable flatulence? NICE! LOL!!

of course, im only kidding. cause those were just isolated incidences, right? RIGHT? hahahah!!!

(seriously i AM kidding. of course you know this!)