Monday, October 8, 2007

lessons on taking medications (that you maybe oughta know)

True story: a woman went to her doctor and complained because her prescription "wasn't working."

The doctor was perplexed because it was the second medication that "didn't work." So, naturally, he asked, "Are you following the instructions that are on the bottle?"

At that point, the woman's husband responded, "yes, I am."

"What??? You are taking the prescription??? It is her medicine."

The husband explained that he was taking the prescription for her because "she doesn't like to take pills."

...I told my pharmacist that story, she told me this thing that happened to her:

One mother came to her and noted that her child's medication wasn't working. The medication was a suppository... and apparently, it just wasn't dissolving as it should.

After discussing it with the pharmacist, the mother was surprised to learn that she needed to take the pills out of the blister wrap before inserting.

arggggg. poor kid. Not only was his medication not working (for obvious reasons) but the edges of the blister wrap...

The moral? What is obvious to one person isn't always obvious to another. (or... some people are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.)

I suppose we should be glad that the pills weren't in a bottle.

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Gerry Hatrić said...

Its stories like this one that make me think natural selection might not be such a daft idea after all! ;-)