Wednesday, October 24, 2007

pantless man uses leprechaun defense

Last Tuesday (October 16) Mr. Kim Leblanc broke into a car that was parked on the Central Parkway in Cincinnati, Ohio. Apparently he intended to steal the car, but promptly fell asleep after breaking in.

A short time later, the owner of the car was surprised to find a sleeping man in his car... and who also wasn't wearing any pants. So, he called the police.

When police arrested Mr. Lablanc, he admitted he had been using drugs and had no explanation for his missing pants. However, according to him, he should not be accused of breaking into the car, because he was let into the car by a leprechaun.

An interesting defense, but not unique. According to, a similar incident happened in Northern Ireland when a man blamed a bad elf for making him rob a lingerie store.

Mr. Leblanc faces charges.

if they can nab that dang leprechaun, Mr. Leblanc will be off the hook... and maybe recover his pants


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Anonymous said...

Ah, the leprechaun defense. I need to remember that one.