Tuesday, October 30, 2007

living the dream at Lambeau Field.... ?

I consider myself a New England Patriots fan. At least, I did until I came across Wayne Scullino.

Wayne is a Green Bay Packers fan extraordinaire. He has been a Packers fan since he saw a video tape of a Minnesota/Green Bay game back when he was in high school in Sydney, Australia.

In Sydney, the Packers are hardly a household name. But in seasons past, Wayne would rise at 3a.m. so that he could watch the Packers lose ;) via satellite.

That wasn't enough.

This year, Wayne has taken football fandom to a new level. In August, he quit his job with a phone equipment company in Sydney, sold his house and moved his family to Green Bay, WI. He is not currently working because he plans to attend every Packer's game-- at home or away.

Wayne, his wife Kelly, and their two sons (each under 2) are living in an apartment (rented at a low price by a Packers fan), driving a truck (given to him by another Packers fan) and living off the proceeds of the sale of their house.

The Scullinos have never lived in snow. They have never been without a paycheck. They may have nothing by the time they return to Australia. They don't have tickets to all the games. But they are living a dream... freezing at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. If you would like to check their blog click here.


I don't know whether I feel inspired by his story or think he is a "few yards shy of a first down." :) Either way, it is a good story and I wish them the best.


NewCitySlicker said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your prayers it really does mean a lot. Things are better now and I really thank you for your thought.

In response to the guy from down under WOW. I am not a sports fan nor do I even get football but he has some guts. I have to wish him the best. He really truly loves football. I wonder how his wife and kids are handling it all. Thats what life is all about i guess doing what you want to make yourself happy.

Amy said...

i'd be divorced! yikes!