Monday, October 29, 2007

attack of the flammable squirrel

I have heard of people who had their car ruined by:
  • a deer jumping on the hood

  • the side of a building falling on it

  • a lightning striking it

  • a sinkhole swallowing it

  • a river washing it away
However, Lindsey and Tony Millar of Bayonne, NJ recently lost their car in a brand new way: an incendary squirrel attack.

One day last week, Lindsey and Tony came home for lunch and parked their Toyota Camry. Apparently, a grey squirrel was having lunch too-- happily chewing on overhead powerlines.

The squirrel bit through the wires and immediately caught itself on fire. The electrical jolt also caused the now-flaming squirrel to fall on the hood of the Millar's car.

The squirrel-torch somehow made its way into the engine compartment of the car where it set the whole thing on fire. The car and poor squirrel went up in a blaze of glory. The car then blew up.

The Millar's car is a total loss. Fortunately, they are insured against incendary squirrels.

The Millar's house is decorated for Halloween-- complete with a plastic tombstone on their front lawn. They are considering dedicating the tombstone to the Flame.

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