Thursday, March 12, 2009

the hardly perfect crime: buying drugs from a cop with fake money

The good news is that he will never regret it as the "nearly perfect crime" that almost worked.

Last month, a 21-year-old man in Erwin, TN, made arrangements to illegally purchase 76 Oxycontin pills for $4,875.

The first reason his plan didn't work is because he attempted to make his purchase from an undercover police officer.

The second reason his plan didn't work is because he tried to make his purchase using some counterfeit money that he had created.

The third reason his plan didn't work is because some of his counterfeit money was so poorly made that it was only printed on one side.

The young genius has been charged with criminal conspiracy, forgery and criminal simulation (simulation because technically it is not a crime to purchase drugs with fake money).

Authorities have rounded up the counterfeiting equipment and are looking to make more arrests in the case.
cached copy

Imagine it: The fact that police are expecting to make more arrests implies that there may be a whole ring of these guys.

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