Wednesday, March 25, 2009

oblivious: do you know where your leg is?

I posted this story back in 2007, but the post was lost. So, I present it again because it stands as another shining example of someone who is oblivious...

Back in August 2007, a 54-year-old worker in Hamamatsu, Japan was out riding his motorcycle with a group of friends. At one point in the drive, he failed to negotiate a curve and bumped into the road barrier.

The man said that he felt pain in his right leg at the time, but continued riding. It wasn't until he came to the next intersection and tried to put his feet down that he noticed -- his leg was missing. Gone.

One friend immediately returned to the scene of the accident and picked up the missing leg. Meanwhile the driver was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the leg was too badly crushed to be reattached.

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