Monday, March 30, 2009

smooth thief attempts robbery at police convention

Jarome Marquis Blanchett of Harrisburg, PA has been given the unofficial title of the "dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania" by a retired police officer.

When former officer John Comparetto left the stall of a hotel men's room, he was confronted by Blanchett. Blanchett held a gun to the Comparetto's face and demanded his money.

Comparetto complied and handed over his cell phone and money.

What Blanchett didn't realize was that he had just robbed a police officer who was carrying a gun on his ankle. He also apparently didn't realize that he had committed the robbery in the bathroom of a hotel where a convention of 300 police officers was being held.

Blanchett exited the bathroom and hailed a taxi for his escape. By the time he got into the cab, he was surrounded by Comparetto and his fellow police officers.

When Blanchett was being led out of court, he was asked by a reporter if he had any comments. Blanchett simply said, "I'm smooth." (includes video)
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