Monday, March 9, 2009

teacher "assaults" student with Nerf dart

Jeffery Baker, 29, is a teacher at the Battery Creek High School in Beaufort, South Carolina. However, last Monday (March 2, 2009), Mr. Baker was placed on administrative leave pending investigation. One parent wants him charged with assault.

It seems that some of Mr. Baker's students were laughing and talking in class. So, to get their attention and to calm them down, he jokingly shot a Nerf dart at the group.

Reports say that the group calmed down but one girl continued to talk. So, Mr. Baker "shot" her again with the Nerf gun, striking her on the left shoulder. Reports say that Mr. Baker fired the foam dart "in a joking manner."

Upon being hit with the foam dart, the student slapped Baker with the back of her hand.

Now, the girl's mother wants to pursue an assault charge on the teacher.
article missing? here's a cached copy


Adullamite said...

He should sue the girl and the mother!

FriendinME said...

agreed. And they ought to be sued for bringing forward a frivolous lawsuit. :)