Friday, March 6, 2009

give me your money. let me give you my card.

It was wondrous ineptitude with a slightly different twist.

This week, Shawn Thomas Lester of Charleston, WV, entered a local convenience store with plans to rob it. He apparently got himself a soft drink and approached the cashier as any customer would.

Once he was at the counter, Shawn showed the cashier a gun and gave her orders to hand over all the money in the drawer. So far, the plan was working just as Shawn had envisioned it.

At that moment, another customer entered the store. This was an unexpected event for Shawn. The cashier then asked Shawn to pay for his soft drink. So, he took out his wallet and handed over his debit card.

In general, it is not a good idea to give your debit card to the cashier you are in the process of robbing.

To cover his blunder, Shawn signed the receipt as "John Doe," and left the store without taking any money.

Police traced the debit card number and paid Shawn a visit. He explained he was just joking but couldn't seem to explain the whole gun thing. He has been charged with armed robbery.

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