Friday, October 23, 2009

17 year marriage ends over a nickname

I looked. There is actually a web site that has a list of nicknames that husbands give their wives. They range from the sicky-sappy (Pumpkin Sparkle, Sugar Muffin, Cuddle Bunnie) to the less-flattering variety (Broccoli Thighs, Aardvark, Big Booty Judy).

This week, Ananova reported the story of a woman in Saudi Arabia who is seeking a divorce because of the nickname that her husband used for her. The woman stumbled upon the nickname when she looked at her husband's cell phone address book... and noticed how she was listed.

The name he gave her? Guantanamo. As in, the US hi-security war-prison in Cuba.

Strangely, the woman was not flattered by being likened to a hot place of sheer misery where men wear chains all day.

The Riyadh newspaper did not give the names of the unhappy couple, but reported that the woman is planning to end the 17-year marriage... unless she is paid a "substantial" financial compensation from her nearly ex-husband. [www_ananova_com]
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