Monday, October 12, 2009

times are tough. let's spend $10,000 on that

What is this?

1- a child's scribble
2- a mess of rings
3- a colorized drawing of an Oakland Raiders running play
4- an expensive piece of art
5- a broken Slinky
6- the representation of a British town
7- a psychological test for neurosis

If you chose any of them, you could be right. More specifically, the correct answer would be 4 and 6. This is the new logo that has been chosen for the town of Burnley, Lancashire, England.

The logo is part of a project to give the town a new image. This logo was selected because it is fresh and contemporary the town commission couldn't find anything better. But, the logo has cost the town £5,000 ($10,000). In addition, the town is paying £400 more for the rights to the logo so that no other town will copy it. (Is this a danger??)

As you might expect, many people in Burnley are not very enthused about their new logo or the money that was spent on it. Words like "scribble, messy, messed-up, bizarre and rubbish" are among the printable comments.

People who like to doodle or who have children who use crayons might want to send Burnley some alternative logos. Who knows, you might get $10,000 toward college. [www_telegraph_co_uk] [www_lancashiretelegraph_co_uk]

my pointless posted a story about another town in England that also had a bit of trouble shopping for a logo... link

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