Wednesday, October 28, 2009

change your race with Photoshop

hmmmm.... why do you suppose that the US version of this ad is not quite the same as the Polish counterpart?

And strangely, the same thing seems to have happened in this ad for the Medical University of Lublin (Poland). (The second picture is now on their English speaking website, too.)

And... when did Beyonce get a tan? or did she get lighter?

lublin story
microsoft story
beyonce story

For another Beyonce Photoshop problem (she grew an arm)-- link

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Anonymous said...

About Beyonce, I am surprised to read so many angry coments about her strangely light skin...whereas no one ever complains when she dies her hair blond and wear contact lenses. In both cases, she is merely trying to 'whiten' herself.

People are so cautious about skin color, said it was a shame to change her skin color...but right now, many famous non-white people do the same around the world. The only difference is tha it doesn't deal with skin, but hair and eyes. And the message, the very same message, is dangereous: beauty (everyone is after) would be white? Silly, of course, and we're told it is just fashion...a racist fashion, certainly! Promoted by its own victims, what is more!