Wednesday, October 7, 2009

luckless Needs needs luck

Ralph Needs needs some luck these days.

Last week, 80-year-old Mr. Needs was beaten up and pistol whipped by three thugs who were burglarizing his home near Columbus, Ohio. The burglars tied up Ralph, broke his nose and then made off with his pickup truck, computer and credit cards.

Ralph felt completely helpless during the incident, so, he decided to take lessons in self-defense.

Unfortunately, while Ralph was taking his lesson, he was shot in the hand by his own son... who was trying to be helpful by loading the gun.

Ralph, now sporting a broken nose and a hand with a small wind-tunnel, said he wouldn't wish his week on anyone... (except maybe the three thugs). [www_metro_co_uk]
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Zanypickle said...

Ralph's got some messed up karma! In a previous life, he must have been the one that gave Lincoln the tickets to the theater.

FriendinME said...

He bought stock in Enron a few years back.

And... he is a big Detroit Tigers fan. (you will understand that if you follow baseball :) )