Monday, October 5, 2009

Ted Williams: the story grows weirder

Sometimes, weird stories grow in their weirdness.

Many will recall that following the death of baseball great Ted Williams, there was a family battle about what to do with the body.

It was finally decided that Ted's body would be cryogenically frozen and stored in Arizona. The idea is to someday unfreeze him and bring him back to life.

In new book entitled “Frozen: My Journey Into the World of Cryonics, Deception and Death” author Larry Johnson claims that Ted William's head has been mistreated while in the frozen state. Among the claims of the book are these:

--The head of Ted Williams has been frozen seperate from the body. The cryogenic company, Alcor, says that this is a standard procedure. (But this was not to be the case with Williams).

--The book claims that employees of the Alcor company posed with pictures of the body both before and after the head was removed.

--Further, the book claims that Alcor used cans of cat tuna to use as stands to hold the heads while awaiting transfer from one container into another. According to the author, one can of tuna stuck to the head of Williams. So, to remove the can of tuna, one employee tried to break it loose by swinging a monkey wrench to disloge it.

The book further contends that the employees' first swing with the monkey wrench missed and severely damaged the frozen head (hitting him squarely in the middle). The second whack was successful in removing the can.

Alcor, of course, denies the allegations and plans to sue author Larry Johnson. They do admit that they have found that "cracking" has been a problem with frozen heads but is not the result of swinging monkey wrenches.

Either way, when Ted gets unfrozen, he is probably going to be mad. [nbcsports_msnbc_com]

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