Thursday, July 3, 2008

for sale: the stuff I stole from you last week

Last week, Fred and Betty McAteers returned to a home they own in Ocala, Florida and found that it had been burglarized. Furniture, pictures, glassware and other valuable items were missing. The place had been ransacked.

On Tuesday of this week, the McAteers decided to walk around their neighborhood to see if anyone knew anything about robbery. They were just hoping that someone had seen something suspicious.

A couple of blocks away from their home, they spotted their dresser on a front lawn, being sold at a garage sale. hmmmm...... in fact, many items there were strangely familiar.

The police were called and arrested Branden Mitchell Gardiner for robbery and sale of stolen property.

The 22-year-old genius told buyers that relatives had given him the sale items. He also boasted at the sale that he had more "stuff" to sell. He even showed them pictures of the merchandise on his cell phone.

strange story, but as I post it, I am also wondering why this story is found in the "local sports" section (follow link to see).

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