Tuesday, July 15, 2008

please oh please give me my wallet back

On Monday afternoon, Yaakov Kanelsky, 49, returned home to his Brooklyn apartment after a brief shopping trip. Standing outside Kanelsky's kitchen window was Victor Marin, 20. Marin asked if he could come into Kanelsky's apartment.

"What do you want? Why are you here?" asked Kanelsky.

"I left my wallet inside your house." explained Marin.

This, of course struck Kanelsky as being not-a-little odd, since he didn't know Marin. "Why were you in my house???" he asked.

Marin explained that he had needed to use the bathroom.

When asked why he would have entered into the home of a perfect stranger to use a bathroom, Marin answered, "It doesn't matter. I need my wallet. I forgot my wallet. It's in your bedroom."

Kanelsky dialed 911 as Marin went from the kitchen window to the front door of the apartment. "If you give me my wallet, I'll give you back your money," Marin promised, hollering through the door.

Kanelsky checked. Sure enough, he was missing $218 from his bedroom. He also found a wallet and sunglasses on his bed.

Returning to the front door with Marin still outside, Kanelsky told Marin to return the money. So, Marin started sliding the money under the door.

After sending through $125 in larger bills, Marin found that one-dollar bills made a stack that was too thick to fit under the door, so, Marin started sliding the ones under the door one at a time.

Unfortunately for Marin, that is just when the police arrived. Not only did they find Marin sliding stolen bills under the door... they also got his wallet (with complete identification) inside the apartment.



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