Thursday, July 17, 2008

in case of space ship accident: we have you covered

Have you ever laid in bed at night and worried: "Man, what if I get into a space ship accident? How will the doctors be able to classify me? What code will my insurance company recognize and cover?"

Good news: You need not worry anymore. The ICD (International Classification of Diseases) has established a code for injury on or by a spaceship. It is ICD-E845.0. However, if you are weightless at the time of the injury, your hospital code will be E928.8.

The ICD has gone to great lengths to give us a comprehensive list of every possible disease or injury. For example, a bite from non-venomous arthropod is E906.4. To see the whole list, click here.

memo: the man who spends time creating these codes may be E300.8
(unclassified neurotic disorder)

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