Wednesday, July 2, 2008

man wins argument. man loses argument.

The July 1st East Valley Tribune reported that police from Mesa, Arizona were called to an apartment where a ferocious domestic argument was taking place.

Neighbors and police heard the voices of a man and woman arguing loudly. The front window of the apartment was smashed out. The noise made it clear that the inside of the apartment was being destroyed.

Officers approached the apartment and found -- a 21-year-old man arguing with himself. He alternated the pitch of his voice as he carried on an argument between himself and himself.

Officers helped the man calm down. He was taken into custody for further observation.

No word on what the argument was about or who won.

The picture above is not actually the broken window described in the story but is, rather, a reasonable representation that depicts the event described herein. It was found in a random search for "broken window" on Google images. Any likeness to a window you have actually seen or own is strictly coincidental. No actual glass was broken or injured during the composition of this post.

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