Tuesday, July 22, 2008

every suitcase has a story

Last week, a female passanger on the London Tube (subway) had her suitcase stolen. The thief was a well-dressed man who offered to carry her heavy suitcase up the escalator. Once at the top, he made off with it.

In itself, that is not a particularly newsworthy story. What makes it worthy of our attention is the contents of the suitcase.

The thief certainly believed he was getting away with something valuable. What he took was the remains of a dead dog.

The day before, the pet of one of Sarah's friends died. They asked Sarah (no last name given) to take the remains to the vet for disposal because they could not do it themselves. Wanting to help, Sarah started out with the dead dog inside a suitcase.

Unfortunately, while on the way, Sarah's car broke down. So, she found herself dragging a very heavy suitcase into Victoria Station. That is when the thief spotted her and made his move.

'The guy was a pro. But I would have liked to have been there when he opened the suitcase." said one witness.



Unknown said...

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Amy said...

that's truly hilarious!