Thursday, July 10, 2008

ummmm. that isn't a cell phone you feel.

Abbie Hawkins noticed a slight vibration in her clothing when she was on her way to work at the Holiday Inn in Norwich, England. At first, she just thought it was her cell phone. It wasn't.

Five hours later, Abbie, 19, realized that the strange vibrations were not coming from her cell phone. So, she decided to take a look. She was shocked to find-- a bat had taken up residence in the padding of her bra.

The baby bat must have settled in the bra padding when it was hanging outside drying the day before. Abbie hadn't noticed anything odd when she put it on that morning. (??!)

The baby bat, which was the size of her hand, flew around the Holiday Inn for a little while before it was set free.

Bat experts say that bats have been known to hide in coats, bags, umbrellas... and now, underwear.

And now, to receive the award for "least observant"...


Anonymous said...

Okay, I just checked all my bras...Thank God, no bats. But wait what about underwear, socks, hat linings....geez, I wonder what that little squishy lump was that I felt in my shoe while hiking today?? LOL LOL :) :)

Okay, so they found a bat in her bra...but did they find a brain in her head when they check it? :)

FriendinME said...

I never had an animal in my bra. (Okay, one reason for that is that I am a man.) But... I can't imagine how ANYONE could "not notice" a warm lump the size of her hand.