Monday, December 22, 2008

aviary apartment

The reason that most bird owners place newspapers on the floor of a bird cage is because birds poop. Indeed, they poop regularly and often.

Most bird owners also keep their birds in a cage (most of the time) because a bird flying around the house can be quite unsanitary.

That is, most bird owners.

Last week, city officials in Berlin investigated complaints of bird noises emanating from the apartment of 60-year-old retired man.

Upon entering the two-bedroom apartment, they were surprised to find un-caged birds. Not one or two. Not five or six. Not one or two hundred. They found 1,700 parakeets (budgerigars) flying free in the apartment. The birds were living on perches that the man had placed along the walls.

As you might expect, the floor was saturated with bird poop, as was nearly everything else in the apartment.

The man said that he had started with two birds because he was lonely... then they started to create little birds.

The parakeets are being relocated. Birdman's apartment has been ruled "unfit for human habitation" and he has been forced to leave.

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Adullamite said...

That's sad.
There was once an old lass in Edinburgh who carried earth up to her flat and grew grass for her rabbit!
A city councillor had her shifted to a place with a slam garden!