Tuesday, December 23, 2008

rrobber not too smmart

Last week a twenty-ffive year old man decided to rrob the Dunkin Donuts franchise in Lombard, IL.

He wore a black ski mmask and brandished a knife. Unfortunately, he should have written a nnote.

It sseems that the would-be thief used to work at that particular Dunkin Donuts. He also has an unfortunate stuttering problem that was rrecognized immediately by one of his former cco-workers.

The cco-worker called the police, who immediately arrested Fredrick Brantley. When they arrested him, he had a Dunkin Donuts bag with $300 in it and a knife.

Brantly has been ccharged with armed robbery.


The stutter may be helped by a speech therapist. The idiocy is untreatable.

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