Tuesday, December 9, 2008

haven't you heard? kissing may cause deafness

Kissing can be dangerous to your ears.

You may recall that back in June, a woman in Hicksville, NY, lost her hearing after her daughter kissed her ear.

The little girl had returned from school. She was just glad to see her mother and gave her a "big smacker" on the ear. Mom went deaf in that ear.

This week, a woman in China lost her hearing when her boyfriend gave her an exceptionally vigorous kiss. This time, however, the kiss was not delivered to the ear, but to the mouth.

According to the doctors, the kiss caused the air pressure in her inner ear to drop and dislodged the eardrum, causing the woman to go deaf in her left ear. Fortunately, they expect that she will regain her hearing in a couple of months.

They never heard that kissing can cause deafness.


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