Friday, December 5, 2008

world's slowest high-speed chase

This week, Janos Jakab attempted to smuggle 100,000 packs of cigarettes across the border from Romania into the Ukraine. The contraban was worth an estimated $600,000.

As Janos' vehicle approached the border, the police noticed the would-be smuggler and challenged him. At that point, Janos decided to make a run for it.

The chase was on.

The chase was off.

Unfortunately, Janos' vehicle was an overloaded horse-drawn wooden cart (see picture).

Said one border police officer, "We have a fleet of high-powered vehicles that can chase down the fastest cars. Outrunning our officers was never a possibility - even if he had a thoroughbred racehorse strapped to his cart."

That was a fine bit of planning, Janos.

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