Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Yesterday, I was discussing with my son some possible names for his first child. Being the helpful man that I am, I would like to post this for his benefit. These are a few names from the book, Real Names of Real People by John Train:

Noway Near White, Shoe Salesman, Columbus, Ohio.
Odious Champagne, Paper Mill Employee, Winslow, Maine.
Oldmouse Waltz, Federal Writers Project, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Offty Goofty Bowman, Shakespearean Actor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Milwaukee Standard).
Pafia Pifia Pefia Pofia Pufia da Costa, Brazil (Financial Times).
Rosey and Dewey Butt, Sister and Brother, Peru, Indiana.
Rosey Vice, Multiple Larcenist, Great Glemham, Suffolk, England.
Dr. Safety First, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Serious Misconduct, Welwyn, England.
Solomon Gemorah, Brooklyn, New York.
Tarantula Turner, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Taura Loura Goldfarb, New York City.
T. Fud Pucker Tucker, Bountiful, Utah.
Urban Shocker, former Pitcher, New York Yankees, New York City.
Urinal McZeal, Washington County, Florida.
Kitty Peed, Cape Coral, Florida.
Professor Verbal Snook, Chairman, Mathematics Dept., Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Vile Albert, St Johnsbury, Vermont.
Void Null, Schoolteacher, San Diego, California.
Wambly Bald, Reporter, New York Post, New York City.
Zilpher Spittle English parish record, Maclean's Magazine.

and... some other real people my family has known:

Haley Whaley
Harry Butz
Crystal Shanda Lear
Cash Coin

Have you known anyone with an unusual name? Leave me a comment...

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FriendinME said...

I do appreciate the comments. If you left a comment doesn't appear here, it is because there are some names, (though funny) that I just can't post. But thanks.

Anonymous said...

I knew a woman named Crystal Jughead.