Monday, December 1, 2008

police apprehend defenseless bank robber

It was a classic stand-off, just like you see in the movies.

Last Thursday, police in Montgomery Township, New Jersey responded to an alarm that came from the local PNC Bank branch.

When they arrived, the police thought they saw the thief through a bank window that had the blinds drawn. For public safety, they sealed off the area. Three nearby buildings were evacuated.

The police tried to negotiate with the thief in hopes of avoiding violence-- but to no avail.

They tried using a bullhorn. No response. They tried to contact the thief on the phone. Still, no response.

Finally, a SWAT team stormed the building and apprehended the burglar. The standoff was over. All were safe.

The burglar was a life-sized cardboard cut-out that had been placed there by the bank. No thief. No theft. And no idea what set off the alarm.

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