Friday, January 11, 2008

inmate sues jail for being too easy to escape

Scott Gomez, Jr. has filed a lawsuit against the State of Colorado for injuries he suffered while attempting to escape from jail. Scott is currently a resident at the correctional facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

Scott has tried to escape from jail on two occasions: the first time was in November 2006 and again in January of last year. Both times Scott was recaptured and returned to prison.

However, on Scott's most recent attempt, he suffered an injury when he fell 40-feet while trying to scale down the side of the prison.

But Scott's injuries are not his fault. Scott contends that the State of Colorado is at fault because they made it too easy to escape from prison.

Scott explained: "I told ‘em after the first time that they should’ve (sic) fixed that E-Z-Escape set-up, and they didn’t, so my injuries are their fault. And when I told the guards that, they beat me up."

(Interestingly, the lawsuit is not about being beaten up, but on the condition of the prison that lured him into an escape attempt.)

hmmmmm.... But Scott, doesn't the height of the wall and the fact that you fell prove that the prison isn't too easy to escape?

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