Tuesday, January 22, 2008

seperated-at-birth twins get married

What would you do if you got married and found out that your wife was actually your twin?

That is the case of an unnamed couple in Britain.

The dizygotic twins were born normally and separated at birth. They were adopted by separate families and never told by their new families that they had a twin.

Later in life, they met and felt a compelling attraction to one another. They fell in love and got married. It was only after they were married that they learned that they were twins.

Accordingly, a British court annulled their marriage after the situation became known.

The names of the couple (who are now around 30 years old) and the details of how they learned they were twins is being kept private.

The story was brought forward in Britain as part a debate in the House of Lords over issues of fertility and the rights of people to know their biological parents.


...and some rednecks say, "So, what was the problem??"
the picture of the twins (above) is not them. :)


josey said...

oh my gosh! that is SO SAD. :( and horrible of both sets of parents not telling their child they had a twin! seriously tragic...i cant even imagine the guilt and the twins feel since they GOT MARRIED!

FriendinME said...

I agree that it is sad, weird, but sad. I imagine the emotional hurt that goes along with being married to someone... and now, you can't be. sheeshhh.