Friday, January 18, 2008

towns I don't want to see on my address labels

When I met my wife, she was living near Blue Ball and Bird-in-Hand, PA. Back in the 80s, we lived in a community known as Durkeetown, which was just down the road from Belcher, NY.

Okay. Bad names for towns. But there are worse.

Consider these real names of real towns (and be glad you don't live there):
Goobertown (AR), Gassville (AR), Grubbs (AR), Roachtown (IL), Beans Corner Bingo (ME), Pergatory (CO), Gnaw Bone (IN), Hell (MI), Hellhole (CA), Toad Suck (AR), Bummerville (CA), Chicken Gizzard (KY), Hooker (AR), Prunedale (CA), Eek (AK), Nothing (AZ), Ho-Ho Kus (NJ), Square Butt (MT), Tightwad (MO), Elephant Butte (NM), Bumpass (VA), Leaky (TX), Ding Dong (TX), Goosepimple Junction (VA), Deadhorse (AK), Crummies (KY), Typo (KY), Cut-Off (LA), Cut -n- Shoot (TX), Greasy Corner (AR), Bucksnort (TN), Tick Bite (NC), Lizard Lick (NC), Idiotville (OR), Satan's Kingdom (VT), and the infamous Bugtussle (KY)

Bugtussle was the home of Jed Clampett before he struck "Texas Tea" and moved to Beverly (... Hills that is... swimming pools, movie stars). The real Bugtussle is in KY (and OK), but the one Jed was from was supposed to have been in TN.

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