Monday, January 21, 2008

inseparable friends... creepy or cute?

Oscar the dog and Arthur the cat were inseparable friends. They played together, lived together and even shared the same basket to sleep in.

That is, until the day Arthur died.

Oscar watched as his best friend was laid to rest in the garden near their home. Oscar missed Arthur dearly.

So, on the night after the burial, Oscar slipped out of the house and dug up his beloved feline companion. He dragged Arthur's carcass into the house, placed him in the basket that they used to share, and cleaned him up.

In the morning, the owners, Robert and Mavis Bell, found them curled up together in the basket.

Arthur has been buried again in a more secure grave. The Bells got another kitten named Limpet, and Oscar is already growing attached.

Now, the question is: do you find that story creepy or cute? (does it make you go "ohh" or "eww?")