Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the perfect disguise: drywall compound

Last year, we had a man who robbed a bank disguised as a tree. This week, we got a new candidate for the weirdest disguise used to rob a bank.

Robert Coulson Lavery, 56, of Harrisburg, PA carefully considered what he might use to disguise his identity when he robbed the New Cumberland Federal Credit Union. He believed that he found the perfect disguise: he gave himself a thick coat of drywall compound.

What could be better? It effectively covered his features and made him look very very whitish grey. Besides that, it doesn't run like a nylon stocking.

Lavery entered the bank and stole $7,910. It was brilliant. Unfortunately, he didn't plan his get-away so well.

After robbing the bank, Lavery got into a car that was driven by Robert Steven Miller, 53. The get-away car had a Rusty Wallace NASCAR plate on the front.

The car was quickly identified as belonging to Mr. Miller. When police confronted him at his home, he promptly confessed to being the get-away driver.

Lavery was at Miller's house and was promptly arrested. He was found with an ample supply of drywall compound on his clothes, more compound on the passanger's seat, and more than half the money.

hmmm... you'd think that a NASCAR fan would have given lots more thought to the get-away car.

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