Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dwarfs in duffels: no small crime

Long-distance bus travelers in Sweden have been reporting thefts. Diamonds, gems, cash and other assorted valuables are being stolen while the luggage is in the storage hold of the bus.

How is it happening?

Stockholm police believe that someone has been sneaking dwarfs into the bus luggage holds in duffel bags.Once the bus is underway, the dwarf unzips his bag and begins to rifle through the other luggage in the hold.

By the time the trip is over, the valuables are tucked away with the dwarf who re-zips himself into the duffel.

A spokesman for Swebus (a major bus carrier in Sweden) said: "We have had reports about several thefts by dwarfs on the stretch between Vasteras and Stockholm... We're thinking of installing video cameras."


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