Tuesday, January 8, 2008

woman swipes dying sister's ring

Mary Ulwelling was just 58 years old and terminally ill. Because of her poor health, she was spending her final days at the Comfort Care Nursing Home in Austin, MN.

On New Year's Day, Mary's loving sister, Geraldine Magda, 44, sat by her side and held her left hand. It was a tender moment between two sisters.

A short time after their visit, Mary died.

It was then that relatives noticed that Mary's wedding ring -- a gold ring with diamonds valued at $2,500 -- was missing from her hand. Suspicion immediately fell upon the only one who had been holding that hand.

Geraldine, of course, denied that she knew anything about the missing ring. However, when her purse was searched by the police, the ring was found inside a prescription bottle. Geraldine swears she doesn't know how the ring got there.

Police apparently don't buy the "pill supernaturally becomes diamond ring" explanation and have arrested Geraldine for theft and possession of stolen property.


Maybe she should employ the leprechaun defense.


Gerry Hatrić said...

I suppose one could understand wanting to have a keepsake of someone you loved, but the value of the keepsake and the denial of theft are probably a giveaway. Very sad.

FriendinME said...

Yes, it is hard to explain that she wanted a "keepsake" when she hid it in a prescription bottle, denied she took it and was blamed by the family for stealing it.

btw... this lady had a history of being "sticky fingered" when it came to family jewelry and valuables.

It is not only sad, it is downright cold-hearted and selfish (and, I might add, stupid).