Wednesday, May 28, 2008

driving down the River Nar

Last month, a taxi driver in England was instructed to pick up a fare in Castle Acre, near King's Lynn, Norfolk.* As usual, the driver followed the directions of his GPS device to get to the pick-up spot.

As you probably know, GPS devices (or Sat-nav) are amazing devices that will give a driver turn-by-turn instructions on exactly where to go.

Well, usually.

While on his journey, the taxi driver came to a place in the road where he had a choice. If he turned, he would follow a road. If he went straight, he would drive the taxi into the River Nar.

Oddly... the GPS device told him to go straight. Now, what should he do? Should he trust his eyes and avoid driving into a river... or trust the GPS device?

For most normal people, the answer is clear. This driver, however, chose to believe his GPS device... and promptly drove the taxi into the river. Still not understanding that his GPS had failed him, he tried driving along the river for awhile.

As you might expect, the taxi got swamped and eventually had to be pulled from the river.

Incidentally, it is not the first time this has happened. In January, a man in South Wales drove his Audi into 4 feet of water... because his GPS device told him to. (The picture above is from that incident).

*I have no idea where this place is... but it sounded important to me. :)

Parents: instead of saying the proverbial, "if all your friends jumped off a cliff... would you jump off a cliff?" We should say, "If your GPS device told you to drive into a river....."

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