Monday, May 19, 2008

stupid men become enlightened

Kevin Lee Lytle, 27, and Daniel Jay Basinger, 24, of Confluence, Pennsylvania, were smart enough to realize that copper is worth money.

They were also smart enough to know that wire is often made of copper.

So, putting their collective genius together, they realized that if they stole some copper wire and sold it as scrap, they could get some extra money.

Armed with this knowledge, Kevin and Daniel hatched a plan-- they would climb a utility pole and steal the power lines. After all, what better place is there to find wire but on top of a utility pole?

Unfortunately, apparently the men didn't know that wires on a utility pole are almost always live -- with lots of power.

Their theft, as you might imagine, did not go so well. Both men succeeded in getting electrocuted, put the area in the darkness for five hours, and created $1,500 in damages.

Daniel and Kevin have both been charged with attempted theft. Unfortunately, only one of them is well enough to attend the arraignment. The other continues to recover in the hospital.

imagine if they decided to start stealing car tires.

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