Friday, May 9, 2008

man saves self with kitchen surgery

This story is amazing... but it will probably give you the creeps.

Earlier this week, Steve Wilder of Omaha, Nebraska woke up just after midnight and found that he couldn't breathe. He knew that his windpipe had swollen shut.

At that point, the 55-year-old Wilder realized that he needed to act quickly. He believed that the ambulance would arrive too late if he called 911. So, Wilder did something truly remarkable.

He went to his kitchen and took a steak knife in hand... and gave himself a tracheotomy-- that's right-- he inserted the steak knife into his own neck and opened up his windpipe.

"|I| got a knife and located it and pushed in and blood went gush... I think I closed my eyes, but fear or something took over. I didn't feel no pain or nothing." The blood was squirting everywhere, but his lungs were inflating with air.

Wilder (pictured above) then called 911 and was taken to the emergency room. He is expected to recover without any complications.

Wilder is not a doctor nor was he trained to do this sort of surgery. He does have a scar on his neck where a previous surgery was performed.

part of me says, "oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
another part of me says, "wow, what courage"
still another part of me thinks of the money he saved on a surgeon


Anonymous said...

That is totally insane...I could never do that, dying or not!

He did save a heck of a lot of money with the DIY surgery though!

FriendinME said...

I wouldn't have even thought of doing this. It would not have even entered my mind as an option.

yeesh. I don't think I would even know exactly where to stick the knife in.

memo to self: ask doctor to tattoo an X on the spot for a self-trach