Monday, May 5, 2008

Denver getting ready for ET (?)

Jeff Peckman wants to make sure that his hometown of Denver, Colorado, has all of its bases covered.

It seems that Mr. Peckman believes that Earth is frequently visited by extraterrestrials. He also toys with the idea that that they may be living among us. So, Peckman has drafted a city ordinance that would require the creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

The Commission would be in charge of creating "a responsible, common-sense strategy for dealing with issues related to the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth..."

Peckman, 54, who lives with his parents in Denver, explained the urgency of the Commission this way:
"It is important because if you're driving down the highway and you saw a crash of a small spaceship and a car or a bus full of kids, you really wouldn't know what to do. Do you wait for the hazardous materials experts to show up because of potential contaminants from another solar system? What do you do? People really don't know."

Peckman is looking for 4,000 signatures to get his initiative on the ballot for November.

I am guessing that Mr. Peckman has a way-cool collection of awesome video games in his parent's basement.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gaaaawd, I laughed when I got to the part where he's 54....which is normal enough...BUT...then you go on to say.....he lives with his parents!!! LOL

Also cracked up over the small print (a basement full of video games).

So glad I found you.
Such a delight!

YEAH MAINE!!! :) :)

FriendinME said...

geeeez, now I embarrassed. I was kinda admiring the guy.