Friday, May 2, 2008

brother, can you spare a few billion?

If you are going to be an idiot, you may as well go for it in a big way.

This week, Charles Ray Fuller, 21, decided that he needed some extra spending money. Unfortunately, Charles was short on cash, so, he hatched a plan:

Charles stole a blank check from his girlfriend's parents and filled in the date, the amount and the signature lines. Then, he went to Chase Bank in Fort Worth, Texas and tried to cash it.

It was at the bank that Charles showed his epic idiocy. The plan might have worked except for the fact the Charles forged the check in the amount of $360 billion dollars.

Pay to the order of Charles Ray Fuller
three hundred sixty billion and 00/100 dollars.

One astute bank employee noticed that something seemed fishy about a check for $360 billion. So, she talked with her supervisor who, in turn, called the police.

When confronted with his crime, Charles said that his girlfriend's mom given him the money so that he could purchase his own record label. The woman, of course, denied that she had ever given Charles a check. He now faces charges for carrying a weapon, fraud, unlawful possession of marijuana and more.

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