Wednesday, May 7, 2008

goldfish: not just for bowls anymore

Tired of that lazy, do-nothing goldfish? Bored with the same circle around the same bowl? Wish you had a dog that could fetch or play ball instead?

How would you feel about a goldfish that can fetch, play basketball and even slalom?

Dr. Dean Pomerleau, from Los Angeles claims to have developed a sure-fire method for training ordinary goldfish to do spectacular things. He claims to have taught his own goldfish, Comet, how to limbo, fetch, play soccer... and more. See the video below... see what you think of the amazing Comet.

Dr. Pomerleau (who apparently has nothing better to do than spend hours training his goldfish), is even offering a kit so that you can train your own.

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rotem said...

wow great video.
In my opinion we should provide our goldfish big fish tank or ponds.the kit loooks cool.