Friday, May 30, 2008

watching out for your safety.

Thank Goodness we have people in higher places who care about our safety. What would we do without them? For example, here are two items from this week's news:

The administration at Anglia Ruskin University in England has saved graduates possible injury by banning the throwing of hats at graduation.

The university website tells graduating seniors that they are not to throw their hats in the air, " this not only causes damage to the hats, but can also cause injury if the corner of the hat hits the graduate or others who may be nearby."

And.... in Portsmouth, England, a 47-year old mother of three was told that she must empty her 2-foot-deep inflatable kids swimming pool (see picture) because she does not have a life guard or swimming-pool insurance.

(Fortunately, after an official intervened on her behalf, the city council reduced their mandate to requiring only adult supervision... and insurance, which doesn't exist.)

Since we can't take care of ourselves, it is so good to know that there are others who want to do it for us.

Man, am I glad to be alive. I've been living-on-the-edge this whole time and never even knew it.

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