Tuesday, May 13, 2008

inspired to stand tall

Have you ever seen soldiers who seem to stay in perfect form and precise posture? In China, they employ some unique devices to make sure that their soldiers learn the right way to stand... and now, we know why they won't look down or turn to the side.


teachers: having trouble getting students to stand in line?
parents: want your kids to sit up straight at the dinner table?


r basler said...

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Bob Basler

Anonymous said...

Oh my gaaaaawd, if this is for real...I can hardly believe it. I thought the back-cross was bad enough and then when I scrolled down I gasped. Are they forced into service or is it voluntary? Let's hope it's voluntary, but somehow I doubt it. Holy Mackerel!!! :)

FriendinME said...

well, it is for real... whether they volunteer or not is another story.

maybe Bob Basler (who posted the previous comment and writes a blog for Reuters) might know...?