Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10,000 hits and a nice review

some personal words:

First, I want to thank those of you who drop by this blog. A couple days ago, my pointless got its 10,000th hit! That is way better than I ever anticipated back when I started this thing. So, thanks!

Second, I want to say thanks to Amy at BlogsWeLuv and You are a Fly on my wall for giving me such a wonderfully kind review. Even apart from the good review, Amy has become one of my favorite internet friends. Thanks, Amy.)

(Third, to my mother: thanks for sitting at your computer for so many hours and giving my site 9,917 hits, now I will pay for that wheelchair.... and Amy: what did you say your price was?? ;) )


Amy said...

did you forget? you'll need to sit at your computer and hit my site 9,999 times! now get to work!

FriendinME said...

I have sub-contracted my mother to do that for me. Let me know if she is getting it done in a timely fashion.


Seriously, Amy, thanks.
(and ftr, my mom is very healthy, active and distances herself from computers.)

Gerry Hatrić said...

Very well deserved! Yours is one of the handful of blogs that I make an effort to get to as often as possible.

FriendinME said...

Thanks, Robert. You have been with me here for awhile now. I appreciate that! :)

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Congrats! That is a very exciting milestone!

And what can I say...I'm just not a big Red Sox fan! I did get to one of their spring training games last year though.