Thursday, February 21, 2008

going from bad to worse

Charles Noah Chambers isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. Yesterday, Charles drove to the Anderson County Sheriff's office (Anderson County, North Carolina) and demanded that they return $1,991 dollars that belongs to him.

The money was seized by the Sheriff's Department last September when Mr. Chambers was caught riding a stolen motorcycle. After a foot-chase with police, Mr. Chambers was also found to be in possession of two bags of methamphetamine.

That was old history. Chambers wanted the money back.

Unfortunately, Mr. Chambers' request fell on deaf ears. So, he left the police station and drove away in a 1996 Saab convertible. As he pulled out of the parking lot, someone at the station noticed that the car Chambers was driving fit the description of a car that had been reported stolen on Monday.

The police caught up with Mr. Chambers, who wanted police to believe that the Saab was his. When instructed to turn off the car, Mr. Chambers did so with a screwdriver-- not a good way to show that you own a car.

Mr. Chambers, 36, and his passenger, Susan Peace, 52, were arrested for possession of stolen property. When searched, she was also found to be in possession of drugs and a $2000 bond refund from a previous drug arrest.

Next time, Charles, just let them keep the money.

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