Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thousands of fish die in barn fire

Here is a headline that you would never expect to see:

150,000 fish killed in blaze.

Dr. Dave Smith owns Freshwater Farms near Urbana, Ohio. His farm raises fish for restaurants and other, well, fishy things.

Last November, Ohio was facing a cold week, so Dave decided that the fish would survive better indoors. Dave moved the fish into tanks in his barn and fired up the stove to keep them warm.

Unfortunately, sometime after Dave left the barn, the flue failed and caused the barn to burn down. The fish, unable to run out of the barn, died in the blaze. 150,000 died but 350,000 were saved.

Fortunately, Dave's 10 best breeding sturgeon were among those rescued.

If those fish ever pondered their own deaths, they probably never guessed they would die in a fire -- in a barn -- in Ohio.

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