Friday, February 1, 2008

a vacation hideaway... with a corpse

--He wasn't much on conversation.
--He didn't move a muscle to help around the house.
--His body odor was just horrible.

but on the other hand,
--he didn't eat much
--he never complained
--he didn't snore

The reason? he was dead.

In Austria, a 66 year old woman lived with the corpse of her dead 85-year-old partner for an entire year.

For the last year, she lived in a vacation cottage with the decomposing (and putrid) remains of her dead-beat boyfriend. She wrapped him in blankets and told neighbors that he had taken a trip abroad. (The man's estranged wife was looking for him, too.)

The woman is under investigation in order to see if she was trying to falsely collect pension payments or if she was just really, really sick.

she was trying to stiff the bill collectors, too.


Robin Lee Sardini said...

I just love your stuff!
I can't imagine...
What some people will do for love...or money...
As Mike from "Dirty Jobs" would say,..."I can smell it now!"

FriendinME said...

thanks Robin! I have actually come across a few stories like this. So strange... especially if you have ever had the misfortune of smelling a dead body!! :)

Struggling Parents said...

you come up with some amazing stories.

You've been chosen for the "Big Bang World Record" check out my blog "when life becomes a book" for details...*smiles*