Wednesday, February 27, 2008

reduce, reuse, recycle... but not the cat

The British town of Norwich encourages recycling. However, some of the town residents don't quite seem to grasp the concept. One city councilman, Brian Morrey said, "It is shocking what people put in their recycling bins."

Some of the more bizarre things that people have put in their recycle bins: dead cats and dogs, a Samurai sword, car wheels complete with tires, live ammunition, and smoke grenades.

On the other hand, there are other things that can be recycled in ways you might not imagine. For example, Nike recycles old sneakers to make "Nike Grind," a playing surface for basketball courts.

Recline is a company that uses discarded yogurt containers to make toothbrushes and razors. Then they recycle them again to make plastic lumber.

Yet another company has used discarded steel cans to make bathing suits. (Those have to be comfortable...)

For a list of 21 things you didn't know you can recycle, visit

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