Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Romeo oh Romeo... world's smallest bodybuilder

To tell you the truth, when my daughter and I first saw the pictures, we thought they were "Photo-Shopped." It is such a peculiar sight, that it almost seems like fiction. But it is not.

At just 33 inches tall and weighing in at 19 pounds, Aditya 'Romeo' Dev is the world's smallest body builder.

He works out every day at a gym in his hometown of Phagwra, India where he has become a celebrity. His hope is to travel the world and perform.

The Daily Mail quotes Romeo as saying, Romeo said: "I've been training as a bodybuilder for the last two years and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world.

"I have always been fit but since I started working out, I have become famous for my strength.

"My size has never stopped me. I train with dumbbells and do aerobics and dance. People are always pleased to see me. I have been invited on TV shows and dance on stage."

It may be an unusual sight, but Romeo ought to be admired for his determination and drive. Good for you, Romeo.,2933,330460,00.html

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